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IPAF Harness


This course is designed to instruct the user to select, inspect, and use harnesses and associated personal protective equipment safely when using a MEWP.

Harness training is recommended online, to be completed alongside powered access training.


Understand the relevant health and safety regulations, guidance and standards. Be able to identify and select the correct form of personnel protection equipment (PPE) against falls from height when working from MEWP. Understand how to check, use, maintain and store your harness and lanyard. Gain the qualification before a powered access course you will gain the higher qualification of harness user once the instructor has witnessed the correct fit and adjustment of your harness and lanyard.


3 hours maximum online qualification.

You will require pen and paper to take notes.

To receive on passing: qualifications via IPAF phone app.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Legislation, standards and guidance
  • Hierarchy of fall protection measures
  • IPAF harness statement
  • Harness lanyard and fitting
  • Pre-use checks
  • Fitting and adjusting
  • Usage and anchor points
  • Storage and maintenance
  • Hazard and precaution
  • Rescue requirement and options
  • Theory test (pass or fail)